New Publication on Shadow IT

Andreas Eckhardt, Andrew Schwarz, and myself, we published a new article on “The Acceptance of Justifications among Shadow IT Users and Nonusers – An Empirical Analysis” in Information & Management, which the VHB-JQ3 evaluates as important and renowned business research journal (Rating: B).

Our study contributes to a better understanding of shadow information technology (IT) usage and justifications, which make shadow IT usage socially acceptable. We find significant differences between shadow IT users and nonusers in the degree to which they accept justifications in light of IT constraints, in particular, in the situational factors driving this acceptance. While perceived noncompliance of others influences shadow IT users’ acceptance of justifications, nonusers accept justifications of noncompliant fellows if they expect benefits of shadow IT usage. New implications for managers are provided with the aim of reducing shadow IT usage.

The online version of the article can be accessed at