New paper published: What motivates users to protect against information security threats?


Together with Mikko Siponen and Liu Fufan, I published a new article on “Protection Motivation Theory in Information Systems Security Research: A Review of the Past and a Road Map for the Future” in The Data Base for Advances in Information Systems.

Protection motivation theory (PMT) is one of the most commonly used theories to analyze information security behaviors. PMT explains what motivates users to protect against information security threats. We systematically reviewed the application of PMT in information systems (IS) security literature and compared it with its application for decades in psychology.

We discuss five categories of important issues that have not yet been examined in IS security research and propose new research opportunities associated with the study of PMT and IS security threats. We suggest how future studies can approach each of the open issues to provide a new road map for quantitative and qualitative IS scholars.

You can find the preliminary version of the article here.