SS2021: CFTS & UX Research Seminar

In the upcoming summer term 2021, we offer two online courses for Master students interested in the intersection between digital technology, users, and the finance/insurance industry:

User experience (UX) research seminar (UXR; seminar) and Create your fintech startup (CFTS; lecture & project study).

In UXR, we collaborate with PSD Bank Nürnberg and the Institute of Digital Management on topics surrounding digital innovation and UX. 

In CFTS, in online group works, you explore fintech and the entrepreneurial process by using a learning by doing methodology, i.e., you create, model, and pitch your own fin-/insurtech startups. In addition, FinTech entrepreneurs Lena Justen, Timon Sengewald, Lea Frank, and Susanna Krehl share their experiences.

Registrations to the courses are open until April 4th, 2021 for the UX research seminar, and April 14th, 2021 for Create your fintech startup, respectively. For more information, please see the webpages or contact me:

We are looking forward to welcoming you at the 1st life sessions!