CFTS2021 Kickoff with FinTech Founder Lena Justen

Jonas Gronau successfully pitched his idea to his fellow students

Tuesday, April 20, 2021, was the start of our online class “Create your FinTech Startup” in SS 2021.

The unique feature of this year’s batch is the diverse study background and experiences the participants bring along. Students proposed many promising first ideas covering the wide range of the FinTech spectrum and we are looking forward how their ideas will develop.

Guets Lecture of FinTech Founder Lena Justen

After the kickoff session, our guest Lena Justen, seasoned fintech founder and co-organizer of the FinTech & InsurTech Meetup Cologne Bonn, shared with us her 5 lessons learned from co-founding a fintech.

We thank Lena very much for joining us again this year and providing us great insights into her knowledge and lessons learned regarding co-founders’ judgment lapses, gaining customers’ trust, and building a team. She shared her rollercoaster learning journey not only in creating and building a startup, but also in knowing the right time to leave and start a new adventure.

The CFTS team wishes Lena all the best for her future journey.

For you all young founders out there, as Lena said, “Be open to external advice,” “Be honest about why you do and don‘t do things,” and “Be courageous!”