2nd Live Session of CFTS: Ideas Pitch and the CFTS2020-born Startup Fintagon

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On the 4th of May, our second session of CFTS took place. All teams pitched their ideas and their business model hypotheses regarding, e.g., value proposition, customers, and target market. Strong group collaboration lead to remarkable developments of the original idea proposals. Now, it’s time for customer validation of the business models and we are looking forward to seeing which hypotheses will survive first customer conversations.

After the ideas pitch, Florian Zenk, the head of business development at CodeCamp:N and the organizer of the Nürnberg fintech meet-up Nürnberg fintech meet-up, joined us and introduced a great opportunity for our students: They are allowed to present the results of this course on the stage of this year’s Finsurtech Fantasy Nürnberg at July, 14. We thank Florian Zenk for being with us and for his valuable offer.

Our guests for the second live session were Anna Bondar and Timon Sengewald, co-founders of fintagon, a fintech startup whose idea was born in CFTS2020. Anna and Timon shared the fintagon success story with us, their ups and downs, and how they have developed since CFTS2020. They also provided valuable advice for our students how the business ideas might proceed after the course. The CFTS team thanks Anna and Timon for the presentation of their experiences. We wish the fintagon team the best of luck in their current journey into the fintech world. We are proud to see our students succeed in applying what they learned and hoping others will follow their steps.