Guest Lecture by adesso – UX in a Business Context

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On Thursday, November 4, 2021, in the 2nd face-to-face session of our Master course User Experience (UX) in a Business Context, theory and practice met. The Media Computer Scientist Gregor Broll and the engineer of media technology Viktoria Düngefelder of adesso talked about “The value of Agile UX design”. Students had the great opportunity to learn firsthand from a top leading IT consulting and systems integration company and supporting member of the Forum V what it means today to be a UX designer.

Who doesn’t know this feeling? We open an app or website and hesitate to fill it out, maybe we never use the application at all, because it takes too much time or the design is uncomfortable. The work of UX designers is therefore important. UX design is most decisive for whether the customer uses the app and whether the provider and its app can build an emotional bond with the customer. For a long time, UX design was underestimated, because a bad design can be recognized immediately, whereas a good one, in the best case, is not noticed at all. The adesso team encouraged us at the beginning of a new thrilling semester to keep on learning about UX research and design.

After the exciting lecture, the students were able to ask questions about everyday challenges of an UX Designer. Adesso shared with us insights into one of their biggest projects, their success stories, their ups and downs, and how they have developed during the last years.

We are still all happy to finally be able to exchange ideas in person again. Many thanks, adesso, for the opportunity to come and discuss together!