UXB: Final presentation of the UX research projects with Empion and Fintagon

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Companies increasingly realize the importance of user experience (UX) research and we, as one of Germany’s leading research institutes, don’t want to fall behind. At the beginning of the semester, we announced our collaboration on current UX challenges with the startups Empion and Fintagon/Notenapp/OnlineTasting under the lead of Sabrina Krallmann and Timon Sengewald. As the end of this academic period approaches, it’s time to see the results!



On the 3rd of February, the students presented their research outcomes. For instance, a group of students created a more user-friendly landing page for Empion, a platform that matches job seekers with organizations according to their corporate culture. Other groups took a close look at the applicant flow as well as the company flow of Empion’s two-sided platform.


One of many project highlights was the collaboration with Online Tasting and the prospects of voice UX during a wine tasting. Other groups explored the challenging balance between UX and advertising within a grades app for pupils or the important role of UX in the FinTech industry.



Many thanks to both our students for their enormous dedication, hard work, and creativity and to the four start-ups for the great opportunity to jointly solve your UX challenges!